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Heal Before You Deal

Heal before you deal online course

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Are you hurting from a heartbreak, a traumatic experience or even an abuse and can’t seem to get past it? You are not alone. 
Kingsley Okonkwo has counselled many individuals for more than two decades along these lines.

He has helped them journey through their pains to recovery and he is offering you through this time-tested masterpiece, the steps to your healing.
So, look no further, a healthy and whole you ready to love again beckons.


Kingsley Okonkwo is a Specialist when it comes to Relationships and Marriages. With over two decades hands-on experience as a pastor, relationship coach, counsellor, TV personality, best-selling author and with over hundreds of thousands of followers across social media amounting to millions of views on his Relationship teachings, Kingsley Okonkwo has been able to impact individuals with the true intent for marriage and relationships, he has also made himself available to walk and work with individuals and couples through the transitional stages of relationship building to marriage and success in marriage. Kingsley Okonkwo is a presidential member of the American Association of Christian Counsellors, a board-certified Master Christian Life Coach, a certified relationship counsellor, he is also Advanced Certified Marriage and Family Life Coach. His unique say-it-as-it-is, fun-filled style of teaching dating, courtship and marriage endears him to both the young and old as they are greatly impacted by his relationship masterclasses, one-on-one coaching sessions, live broadcasts on social media and numerous ministry resources. His client base include high profile executives and celebrities. PK continues to be a blessing across continents through itinerant relationship seminars, conferences and counselling sessions across Canada, United States of America, United Kingdom, the Middle East and numerous African countries. He has authored numerous books on relationships, a few of which he co-authored with his lovely wife and partner in ministry, Pastor Mildred and they are blessed with adorable children.

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Fee $ 300.00